A round up of the events coming up at Breathing Space:

A weekend of Sound & Meditation Retreat with Paulina Jones

31 Aug-02 Sept 2018

Paulina will be running a sound and meditation retreat at the end of August. Come and feel relaxed and re-energised, indulge yourself in a world of sound, meditation and healing.

This promises to be a beautiful weekend and one not to be missed.

It is a two night retreat running from Friday afternoon until Sunday morning. Nutritious breakfasts, lunch on Saturday and dinners will be provided.

The price is £300 for a single room or £250 to share a twin. Email Mags on to book.


14-16 September 2018

22/23 February 2019

17/18 May 2019

The Mindful Cook, Food and Well-being Retreat.

£290 to share £330 for single occ. ONLY ONE TWIN LEFT!

FURTHER DATES IN 2019:  22/23 FEBRUARY & 17/18 MAY

Feeling the need to be inspired in the kitchen?

The Mindful Cook food and wellbeing retreat is based in the kitchen, but is not a traditional cookery course. You’ll definitely learn new skills, watch some demonstrations and take part in simple food preparation, and leave feeling inspired to create healthy dishes at home. You will leave with a folder stuffed full of recipes and inspiration. But that’s not all! You will get some practical advice and guidance on how to create a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing the enjoyment of great food, get some tips on how to improve your relationship with food and understand how healthy food really can be interesting and indulgent!

This food and wellbeing weekend features some creative foodie activities, the opportunity to take part in morning yoga, a guided meditation session and free time to do whatever you want.  It will get you thinking about your own experiences with food and how food features in your life. But don’t worry! We won’t be stroking a pear for hours on end, this retreat is designed to provide you with realistic, usable techniques that you can use every day.

You will get to take time out in a beautiful place, get inspired, leave the retreat with the recipes and know-how to recreate some healthy meals at home, and reset, raring to go!

“Fresh, flavoursome food cooked from the heart. Josie is the real deal and understands about healthy food and how it is essential for a happy body and mind. Laughter, love and really really great food. What more could you ask for? I highly recommend The Mindful Cook”.

Includes two nights bed and breakfast, an evening meditation, morning yoga and meals.

This retreat has 5⭐ reviews on Facebook and the venue is an Tripadvisor Excellent, 5⭐ rated accommodation.

Josie has a Diploma in Eating Psychology and is studying Applied Nutrition with the Sano School of Culinary Medicine.


Support Source Women’s Retreat

26th – 28th Oct 2018

We’re delighted you are joining us for some nourishing Breathing Space

“Time spent in Self-discovery is time well spent.”

A weekend to…

• Explore what is beyond our physical reality; both inside and out

• Gentle self-exploration, relaxation and replenishment

• Realise that taking care of ourselves enables taking care of everything else


Workshops to explore who we really are gently peel off the façade you display to the world and ‘emerge’ as the amazing soul you truly are… discover your real strengths and resources

your resilient higher self..

Lead Sessions to connect with your Higher Self

Sharing circles to listen to the transformation of others, connect and be inspired.

Relaxation + Replenishment:

Guided meditations to cleanse and re charge your energy

Develop your own resources of self care; leave with take home tips

Opportunities to gently exercise in the beautiful, natural gardens of Breathing Space and beyond, throughout the weekend.

Personal time and space for reflection + time out.

Your Hosts:

Linda is the Founder and Trainer of the KindaListening project a programme that develops deeper listening andempowering conversation for greater connection, wellbeing and community building. It is a foundational part of the Community Sharing Circles training to support individuals to resource themselves and each other by creating a safe space to evolve wellbeing.


Katie is an Author, Speaker and Project coordinator with a background in mental health. She was one of the Founding Directors of the International Spiritual Emergence Network, providing a collaborative platform for the global networks that exist to support people going through the spiritual emergence process. Her personal story is featured in the publication by the Royal College of Psychiatrists, Spirituality and Narrative in Psychiatric Practice: Stories of Mind and Soul, 2016, and in her own book; Mend the Gap, 2014

Time Out Meditation retreat with Lucinda Drayton

March 1-4 2019

A 4 day retreat focusing on meditation silence and peace.

A chance to really step away from the noise and distraction of modern life. A chance to switch your phone off, remove your watch. Detox from screens and schedules and the needs of others.

This is about YOU

Who are YOU when you are still, when nobody is watching you, when you have nothing to do ?

Lets explore awareness, presence, mindfulness, and being.

We will sit quietly together.

Do guided meditations together from different traditions

Experience live music in silence

Walk in silence,

Spend some time in silence.

Share our experiences




This is an invitation for you to take time out for you.

Taking space to breathe at Breathing Space . You deserve this x


Lucinda Drayton is an accredited counsellor ( BACP accred) working in private practice in South London.

She is also a professional musician and has travelled the world sharing her unique music which raises consciousness and opens heart like no other . Her classic song A Hundred Thousand Angels has spread across the world . It is used by healers, workshop leaders, yoga teachers. It is played as babies are born and as people die. It has brought people out of coma’sand stopped others taking their own lives.

Lucinda has been a teacher and practitioner of Raj Yoga meditation for 25 years and is fascinated by the whole concept of consciousness and how to raise our own awareness and thrive in our lives.

So Lucinda brings many stands to the table, you will be safely held as you explore, you will learn form a practitioner and you will experience world class music throughout the retreat.


“The music of Lucinda Drayton profoundly touches my soul. Listening to her remarkable music allows me to to touch the heavens while it carries my roots deep into the earth.

Denise Linn author

“If people haven’t got the space to pray or meditate Lucinda’s voice has the unique ability to reconnect them with the source.

To the love and the peace that is always there deep within the self.’

Dawn Breslin: GMTV confidence expert and best selling author


Creative Retreat with LUCINDA DRAYTON (BACP accred)

May 3rd-6th 2019

I have run a Theatre company that took values education to schools, I’ve taken creative work into prisons, I’ve run groups worldwide and regularly use the creative medium in my one to one private practice. I love working with creativity. It saved me and has saved many others.

CREATIVITY is the doorway to the unconscious and to a deeper sense of connection.

We live in a rational left brained world and most of us have a highly developed conceptual side. However this over- development can dull our intuition, our ability to tune into the feelings of those around us but more importantly perhaps, to really understand ourselves deeply.

Creativity invites us to let go of the need to understand everything, only so much can be understood using logic and reason. We will be exploring the other world. The world of silence, the world of pictures, archetypes and magic

Through movement, art, poetry, drama voice-work and music you will be given the chance to explore the self, to give voice to that which has been kept quiet. You will be given the chance to take risks in a safe supportive environment and in doing so reclaim some of your power.

This is your weekend, nobody is expected to do anything, there is no pressure or force, just an invitation to explore, to play, to have fun and to let go.

Lucinda is a professional musician and a trained counsellor. She uses the model created by REACH ( this holistic approach underpins her therapeutic work.

What deepens the work is her ability to create a safe space and she of course brings to the table and incredible musicality so love music will figure in the weekend.

Come alone, we will take care of you, come open, you will be filled with interesting ideas, come as you are, you will be so accepted.

‘Lets laugh, Letsdance. Letsplay, lets learn

see you there, love Lucinda’

Holistic bed and breakfast for women offering treatments and pampering in a beautiful place.