All events coming up at Breathing Space for 2020

Friday 12th – Sunday 14th June 

“Your Lightness of Being
Yoga and Women’s Wellbeing Retreat
 Breathing Space, Hickling, Norfolk


“to offer no resistance to life is to be in a state of grace, ease and lightness” (Eckhart Tolle)

After the success of last year’s women’s yoga and wellbeing retreat at beautiful ‘Breathing Space’, I am holding another one this year for 2 nights 3 days.

You will experience gentle yoga and meditations to relax and open up the body.
You will experience the art of ‘cultivating your qi’ which is your vital energy to promote health, youthfulness and vitality.

You will be able to explore the value of loving and appreciating yourself in all that you are.
You will have the time and space to gently come back to yourself and give yourself the much needed rest that all women need and deserve.

You will be able to nourish and nurture yourself in nature as well as with the delicious meals lovingly prepared by Mags and her team.

About Kim Rossi: Kim has been working with groups and individuals for over 15 years and she has a wealth of experience in her field. She combines her strength of leadership with her innate sensitivity and gentle guidance, to help women feel totally held and supported.

Breathing Space is a two minute walk from the lovely Norfolk Broads and a five minute drive to gorgeous long sandy beaches where the seals live in their natural habitat.

Investment in yourself: £345 shared room £375 single room (price includes all workshops, 2 nights accommodation and meals). £100 deposit secures your place (non- refundable).

To book contact Kim Rossi on 07940 311061 or email:



Fri 10th 4-6pm – Sun 12th 12.30pm July

 Finding Your Fitrah’ – A Retreat for Muslim Women
 This retreat is perfect for Muslim women who are frustrated, overwhelmed, stressed, tired, over worked and disconnected. Or simply, if you just want some time out to reconnect to Allah…

 The retreat is facilitated by Dr Sara Betteridge a Counselling Psychologist with over 20 years of experience working in mental health services. Among her many roles she works with Muslim women at the Maryam centre (East London Mosque) delivering a 12 week course entitled ‘Get to know yourself’ on understanding the heart, mind and soul from an Islamic perspective and integrating some of the ‘best bits’ of modern psychology. She is as a Senior Psychologist and Family Therapist in London and Essex and started specialising in integrating Islam into therapy and mental health care during her doctoral training 10 years ago. As a daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend and professional she has also faced the challenges of connecting to her fitrah and feeling Allah’s presence in her life. She would be deeply honoured and blessed for you to join her on this part of your journey.

The programme consists of guided activities to help you understand your heart and soul, the distractions and challenges that keep you from connecting to them, and slowly re-building that connection to your fitrah and to Allah. This will be done using a combination of guided mindful activities and space for you to reflect.

 All meals provided are cooked with love using only the best wholesome organic produce. You will truly feel cared for in every way throughout the weekend.

 Cost: From Friday 10th Jul 2020 to Sunday 12th Jul 2020 the cost for full board is £395 single room, £330 shared room. Limited spaces. £100 deposit needed to secure a place. 

For full itinerary, more info or to book:   Please contact Sara on 





Fri 17th 5pm – Mon 20th 12pm July 






Meditation Retreat
For restoration and nurture of the heart and mind.
with Lucinda Drayton. Musician, Counsellor, meditation teacher and workshop leader.


Why Meditate ?

Our thoughts and the way we use them is one of our greatest powers. Meditation can help us harness this power to use in our life and create the life we wish to lead.

By strengthening the mind through meditation we are given more clarity and thus theability to makegood choices. To let go of that which no longer serves us, to become more forgiving and bigger hearted.

In this way our relationships improve and we come to know the real authentic self. We begin to enjoy exploring our amazing inner worlds.

Research has shown the following benefits of a meditation practice

1. Increases ability to manage and alleviate stress

2. Helpful in the management of chronic physical and mental pain

3. Boosts immune system

4. Releases the happy hormone Seratonin thus increasing a feeling of well-being

5. Improvements in memory function.

6. Increasing of focus

7. Slowing the aging process

We will explore several different modalities of meditation and there will be a chance to explore creative ways of working.

Lucinda will use her live music skills to deepen themeditative experience and her therapuetic skills to create a safe group where any material which arises can be processed.

However it will be your weekend and however you wish to participate or not in any of the acticvities will be respected and welcomed.

Bring comfortable clothes and a meditation chair or mat of you have a preferred one. We will walk together , sit together and BE together. Do come alone, we always create a welcoming space so if you dont know anyone on day one that will not last long. The food is great the environment magical and compnay full of love.

See you there

prices £465 shared room. £565 single . Availability limited as we like to keep the group small.

Book through Breathing space . Telephone Mags

01692 597198


Fri 7th August pm – Sun 9th August 2020

Field of Dreams
A journey of personal discovery & development
Friday evening 7th August- Sunday morning 9th August 2020



Hilary Thomson B.A/PGCE: has over 20 years experience writing and delivering personal and professional development courses. She specialises in change and transition in people’s lives.

“ I have developed a system of creative processes that unlock people’s potential, taking them on a journey of self -discovery to find their own story”

Field of Dreams gives you the space to build self -belief. It’s about personal growth and having the time to make the right choices, so you can move forward into the next phase of your life with a clear vision. We will use the natural world around us as inspiration to take stock of what’s growing in your garden, what you need to weed out and how to sow strong and vibrant seeds in the landscape of your future and create your field of dreams.

The weekend starts on Friday evening after dinner with a gentle introduction to the course, in preparation for creating your own personal journey. Take a walk in the garden to complete your first task using the natural world around you, followed by an opportunity to sit round the fire-pit, relax and soak up the beauty.

On Saturday morning you will discover the stepping -stones of your own unique path, using a series of life mapping exercises.

Saturday afternoon is ‘Me Time’ – where you are free to take a walk, a trip to the beach, pamper yourself with the many holistic treatments on offer or to just relax in the garden with a good book. The afternoon ends with a short optional workshop before dinner.

Saturday evening isa reflective session round the fire-pit, turning stumbling blocks into stepping –stones and finding your own unique vision. The evening concludes with a fire –pit task, to get rid of your gremlins!

On Sunday morning we reflect on our journey and share our field of dreams, ready to leave, knowing the way forward for ourselves, and the next steps to take.

This is a women only course.

Fee for this course: £250(Availability is limited as we like to keep the group small).

Book through Hilary:-

Telephone 07779484330


Bacs payment:

Mrs H Thomson


Acc no; 48348465

Sort Code: 542123

Booking and payment for accommodation and meals over the weekend is separate. Book with Mags at Breathing Space. Telephone 07970867780 or go to the Breathing Space website:

Fri 13th 7pm – Mon 16th 12pm Nov

Meditation retreat.
Exploring my inner world and connecting to the heart.


In the world of self development and human well being we are always talking about the idea that the answers to most of our questions and troubles lie deep within us. The voice of the heart in my experience rarely gets it wrong. The issue is trying to hear it. The more we ignore this quiet profound voice the quieter it gets. We now live lives full of distraction and action so getting back to silence, deep silence and sweet silence has to be something we build  into our schedule in order that our inner compass stays activated .

In my work as a counselor and in my work as a musician listening is absolutely paramount. I encourage those I work with to develop this art. To listen inwards to the heart and my world and to listen outwards to the messages given to me by the outer world.

On this retreat in beautiful Norfolk we will sit quietly in meditation together . I will use live music and movement to deepen the experience of turning inwards and then we will explore in a safe small group the material that arises.There will be quiet time alone to journal and reflect. We will walk, eat great food together and ask the questions of ourselves that begged to be asked.

What makes my heart sing

Am I happy

What would I do if i just were to listen to me

Who am I in a room when nobody is watching

You can participate as much or as little as you wish. there is never force here. this is about compassion and nurture of the self.

Do come alone we will welcome you, do bring walking shoes and warm comfy clothes and if you have a special meditation seat bring that.

I look forward to connecting and holding the space for magic x love Lucinda

Lucinda Drayton is a BACP accredited counselor in private practice in London . She is  a singer songwriter with 35 years experience and a meditation teacher of 28 years.

Event begins Friday evening after dinner. Arrivals from 3.00pm Dinner 6.00pm. We finish Monday lunchtime at 12.00. Lunch served at 12.00

To book call  01692 597198 and speak to Mags

price £465 sharing . £565 single







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