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Sandy Beach


28th - 31st October 2022

The way to stability and peace in changing times with Lucinda Drayton BACP accredited psychotherapist, meditation teacher,  musician and lover of life.

In these times of great upheaval and change, we are being called more and more to find out own points of stability and peace as the world shifts and many systems break down how can we remain positive and creative.  

For me the inner journey with meditation and spiritual practice over 35 years has given me many tools.  

I don't believe there is a way around the inner journey and that to really find strength and power it is a place we must come to know and enjoy being in. 

Join me from the evening of Friday 28th October to the morning of Monday 31st October.  

We will :

  • Sit together

  • Explore mindfulness and meditation

  • Learn some simple tools to bring more peace into our lives

  • Eat together

  • Nurture each other 

  • Be present to each other

In a safe small group of women. So come alone.  You will be held.

See you there 


To book please email Mags at:

£100 deposit to secure your place

£565 for a single room   £465 for shared twin room


22nd - 26th July 2022

With no phone, no demands and space to explore my inner world in meditation.

This is the chance to deepen your meditation experience within a safe small group of women.

Meditation Retreats.

for restoration and nurture of the heart and mind with Lucinda Drayton BACP accredited psychotherapist. Meditation teacher and Musician.


Why Meditate?

Our thoughts and the way we use them is one of our greatest powers.  Meditation can help us harness this power to use in our life an create the life we wish to lead.

By strengthening the mind through meditation we are given more clarity and thus the ability to make good choices. 

To let go of that which no longer serves us, to become more forgiving and bigger hearted.

In this way our relationships improve and we come to know the real authentic self.  We begin to enjoy exploring our amazing inner worlds.  

Research has shown the following benefits of a meditation practice:

  • Increases ability to manage and alleviate stress

  • Helpful in the management of chronic physical and mental pain

  • Boosts immune system

  • Releases the happy hormone Serotonin thus increasing a feeling of well-being

  • Improvements in memory function

  • Increasing of focus

  • Slowing the ageing process

We will explore several different modalities of meditation and there will be a chance to explore creative ways of working. 

Lucinda will use her live music skills to deepen the meditative experience and her therapeutic skills to create a safe group where any material which arises can be processed.

However, it will be your weekend and however you wish to participate or not in any of the activities will be respected and welcomed.

The silence day will be from the Sunday afternoon to the Monday afternoon.  During this time you will be asked to refrain from using phones in any way and also to remove your watches.

The silence will be structured so you do not feel just left alone but also given enough space to explore your own inner world. 

Bring comfortable clothes and a meditation chair or mat if you have a preferred one.  We will walk together , sit together and BE together.  Do come alone, we always create a welcoming space so if you don't know anyone on day one that will not last long.  The food is great, the environment magical and company full of love.

See you there 

To book please email Mags at

£100 deposit to secure your place

£750 for a single room  £650 sharing a twin.

With Natasha-Louise Gilson : Soul Empowerment Coach.
7th - 10th October 2022