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Samantha Cullingford


Samantha works on balancing the physical body & energy field. Her aim is to connect people to their own inner guidance system with a variety of therapies including crystal/reiki therapy, the gateway technique, meditation, reflexology, or palm reading (chirology). This ultimately invokes a sense of trust in your own intuition, creating a deep sense of peace & enthusiasm for life. 

Samantha can guide you in different forms of meditation, including: Transcendental, Mantra, Zen, Metta, Anapanasati and guided meditations.

The Gateway Technique - founded by Paulina Jones, is a highly intuitive session using a variety of tools to help release emotional memories & upsets from the past. Allow a minimum of 2 hours for this treatment. 

Samantha also offers facials using Tropic Skincare products.

All Samantha's treatments cost £60 per hour. 


Samantha is currently on sabbatical. 

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