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Sean Emmerson


Sean is a holistic health consultant specialising in Clinical Ecology - Food sensitivities and allergies. Many every day, hidden factors such as diet, stress, environmental pollutants, can lead to life changing conditions, causing long-term compromise and ill balanced health.  Through eliminating and avoidance of these “trigger” substances, using a testing means of applied Kinesiology (muscle testing) people can eventually become symptom free to resume normal and healthy lives. 

Sean's food testing sessions last approximately 2 hours and cost £100.

Additionally, Sean offers advice of essential simple supplementation that can supports the whole body's systems. He looks for what actually causes the problem on an individual basis, as it differs significantly from one person to another, and importantly,  does he NOT just treat the symptoms presented. 


Sean uses NST, an advanced form of the Bowen Technique that deals with a lasting muscle correction through gentle massage and is also a reflexology practitioner.

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